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Drömmen Om Att Klättra Everest – Du klarar det!

Rauleverest - version 2


Det är högsäsong på Everest och vi tycker att det ligger perfekt med att publicera vår Everest-serie.

Den är skriven på engelska då den har publicerats tidigare på en amerikansk artikelsida.


History of Everest

Climbing the highest mountain in the world is a very respectful endeavor. Mankind has attempted to climb this mountain since beginning of the 1920’s. After George Mallory, together with his climbing partner Andrew Irvine, embarked on their last expedition, they disappeared high on the North side, and the last known sighting of them was only a few hundred meters from the summit. It was 1924.

It took another 29 years before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay completed a confirmed summit on Everest in the 1953 expedition.

The modern era of Everest climbing

By the end of 2011 there had been more than 5,000 ascents of Everest made by over 3,000 climbers. You can find all kinds of ”records” set by the youngest, the oldest, most ascents, fastest ascent etc.

Today Base Camp has facilities like hot showers, movie tents and hospital. There is a mobile tower that enables you to actually send a text message home to your family from your phone.

You will find two main routes that the climbers use. The North route starts from Tibet and the South route starts from Nepal. The South route is also called ”the standard route” because this was the route Hillary and Norgay used in the successful 1953 climb.

Train your mind to do it

Mental training is a huge part of your preparation for climbing Everest. You have to be convinced that you want to climb this mountain more than anything else.

You will eat, sleep, work, and have dinner with your friends, all the while thinking of this mountain. Some people will think you have gone mad because you constantly are talking about Everest, training for Everest and reading books and articles about it. Good! This is a first step to one day be in Base Camp looking up that incredible mountain.

It is a very good idea to be honest with your family about your thoughts. Sneaking around training and climbing smaller mountains as a preparation for Everest without telling your closest family members what you are up to isnot fair. You must have their support as well to do this. They do not have to love what you do, but you must have their blessing. Otherwise it almost certainly will come back and bite you later.

Doctor’s appointment

Seeing your doctor before getting all serious about the alpine climbing is a good investment in yourself. You will want to check your heart, lungs and other various tests to ensure your body is ready for the climb. There will be times when a huge effort will be required from you on those mountains and knowing that you can trust your body is necessary.

Additionally, please complete a physical fitness test that specifically checks your cardiovascular fitness.

Follow my articles about how you can successfully prepare yourself to actually climb Mount Everest. Next episode will be out soon.


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